Orgasmatronics Inc.

X1 Orgasmatron Pleasure System | SOLD OUT

$199.00 $75.00

Orgasmatronics Inc.

X1 Orgasmatron Pleasure System | SOLD OUT

$199.00 $75.00

Sold out
  • The X1 Orgasmatron Has Been Updated

    Check out the new X2 Orgasmatron. More ergonomic and durable with the same deep, pleasurable power.

    Sex machine small enough to fit in your purse. Strong enough for the deep, powerful pleasure you desire. Perfect for hours of play solo or together. 

    Add attachments and save! Add a harness, custom made by ASLAN Leather for variety and hands-free fun! Hip size 28"-46" adjustable.


    • Intense, gyrating motion60 day money-back guarantee
    • Variable speed control
    • Medical-grade silicone & ABS plastic
    • Adjustable hands-free ASLAN harness
    • Dishwasher-safe attachments
    • Includes pink Rosa Attachment
    • Discreet shipping
  • When Doctor X. Treme’s wife asked him to build her a sex machine, he did what any loving husband would do. He built her one. But it wasn’t any ordinary sex machine. It was an X1 Orgasmatron.


    A sexy combination of power and portability, the X1 is unlike any other toy. Using the concepts of “mechanical impedance” in analog to “electrical impedance," Dr. X. Treme was able to capture the explosive intensity of a traditional sex machine and harness it in a device small enough to hold in your hand or carry in your purse.

    “Having never been overly impressed by other toys that claim to be a change from normal vibrators, I had to say that for once the claim was true. “
    -Llellsee Sex Toy Reviews


    The clitoris was a crucial consideration in the design of the X1. The well-known, external clit is just the tip of an impressive clitoral iceberg. A vast structure of nerves extends up into the pelvic region. Most vibrators function by using a motor to vibrate a small mass. This is great for that external stimulation but does nothing for the sensitive, inner tissue. The X1’s motor moves a mass 100x larger, making it strong enough to stimulate the entire clitoral complex and trigger deeper, more powerful orgasms. The X1 re-invents the sex toy experience from the inside-out.

    “I’ve never had an orgasm that shook my whole body like that. Amazing!”
    -TD from Denver, CO


    “...my wife had an incredible orgasm after 5 minutes. At 10, she was screaming like a wild banshee. At 15 minutes, it was a continuous, long, opera-level scream..."
    -LG from Cypress, TX


    The X1 can be used without the dildo for various types of non-penetrative play. And with no built-in gender, it opens up possibilities for a variety of configurations. Play alone or with a partner. Give massages or use for anal stimulation. Don’t forget the lube!

    Need more convincing that the X1 is the toy for you? Check out the X1 customer reviews below.

  • X1 in hand

    At Orgasmatronics we create hardware. Hardware doesn't do much without software. In the case of sex machines, that software is in your mind and will continue to develop as hear your feedback.

    Here are our suggestions of ways to play with your new X1. If you have more to report, please email us at a@orgasmatronics.com with what worked for you.


    Interior & Exterior Clitoris Stimulation

    Slowly push dildo into vagina up to base, so that base stimulates exterior of clit while dildo stimulates interior.

    G-spot Stimulation

    Apply adequate lube, gently insert Grace Attachment into vagina and angle toward g-spot. Move Grace back and forth to stimulate internally with dildo and externally with nub.

    Nipple Stimulation

    Use X1 base to stimulate a nipple.

    External Stimulation

    Use the Rosa Attachment's graduated nubs for personalized, external pleasure. Pick your favorite or use them all.

    X1 with fingersVibrating Finger

    Hold X1 base in your hand and use your vibrating finger to stimulate yourself or someone else.

    Vibrating Penis

    Push ball up against penis and stimulate externally with vibrating penis. (Use huge quantities of lube between penis and clit.)

    With a Pillow

    Put ball under a pillow and hump vibrating pillow. Or use pillow to hold machine in place for face-down solo usage.

    With Your Own Dildo

    Put the Polly Attachment on the X1 and insert your favorite flared-base dildo(s), plug or sleeve. 

    Design Your Own Dildo Attachment (DIY)

    Construct DIY silicone attachments of your own design using two-part industrial silicone. Create a flared-base an adapt to the X1 with the Polly Attachment.

    With Another Vibrator

    Use X1 with dildo attachment to stimulate internally. Use another vibrator like Magic Wand on external glans of clit simultaneously.

    X1 on bedWith a Butt Plug

    Use X1 with dildo in vagina. Use butt plug simultaneously.

    Anal Stimulation

    Apply adequate lube, insert gently, and slowly turn speed control dial to desired setting.

    Personal Massage

    Massage back and other sore muscles on low speed.  

    With Hands-Free Handsolo Harness

    Using the Handsolo Harness by ASLAN, strap the X1 on for hands-free play. Use with any attachment and keep your hands free for other naughty uses.

  • X1 Attachments

    Pink Jane provides deep, internal stimulation and pairs well with a magic wand. Included with your X1 Orgasmatron.

    Red Rosa has graduated nubs for personalized external pleasure. $10 off with Pleasure System.

    Blue Grace is ideal for anal orgasms and perineum stimulation. $10 off with Pleasure System.

    Purple Polly turns any plug, sleeve or dildo you own into a sex machine. $10 off with Pleasure System.

    Handsolo Harness is great for solo play. Compatible with the all attachments. 28"-46" adjustable hip size. $10 off with Pleasure System.


    • Ball diameter 80mm
    • Jane dildo width tip 36mm
    • Jane dildo width base 44mm
    • Jane dildo length 100mm

    Guarantee & Warranty

    • 60-day money-back guarantee
    • 1-year replacement warranty

    International Use

    You will need power plug adaptor that simply adapts the outlet plug shape for use in the EU. There is no need to adapt the voltage.

    If you live in Australia and New Zealand get your X1 at Gyotrelem.


    Gyrator is not recommended if you have an IUD, heart conditions, seizures or are pregnant.