X1 vs. Sybian & Wand
Model holding X1
  • Power of the Sybian for a fraction of the price
  • Portability of the Hitachi Magic Wand
  • Unique gyrating motion 

X. Tremeketeers have recommended pairing the X1 and Magic Wand for a pleasurable, even explosive orgasm experience!

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X1 vs. Sybian & Wand

Magic Wand Vibrator

Hitachi Magic Wand vibratorInside the Magic Wand vibrator, a small mass spins off-center, creating a vibration in the head of the Wand. This buzzing vibration is best suited for moving or stimulating a small area of skin on the surface of the body.

Sybian Sex Machine

Sybian Sex MachineInside the Sybian sex machine, a very powerful motor creates a strong reciprocal motion in the plastic piece that holds the attachments. The force of this motion is so strong as to be almost unaffected by the user. This creates very deep vibrations throughout both the body and the floor of room where the machine is placed. 

X1 Orgasmatron  

X1 Orgasmatron Sex ToyInside  the X1 Orgasmatron, a motor uses a gear box to increase the torque, spinning a ⅓ pound steel weight off center. This large mass optimizes the X1 for coupling to larger masses of tissue than the conventional vibrator, stimulating nerves deeper inside the body in the same way the Sybian does. The motor is as small or smaller than that of a conventional vibrator, and this deep motion is due not to increased power but increased efficiency.  

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