XTreme Orgasmatronics

X1 Orgasmatron Pleasure System


XTreme Orgasmatronics

X1 Orgasmatron Pleasure System


  • Sex machine small enough to fit in your purse. Strong enough for the deep, full-body pleasure you desire. Perfect for hours of play solo or together. 

    Add attachments and a harness for variety and hands-free fun! Save when you get attachments with your Pleasure System.


    • Intense, gyrating motion60 day money-back guarantee
    • Variable speed control
    • Medical-grade silicone
    • High quality ABS plastic
    • Dishwasher-safe attachments
    • Includes pink Jane Attachment
    • Discreet shipping

    Unique Gyrating Motion

  • X1 Attachments

    Pink Jane provides deep, internal stimulation and pairs well with a magic wand. Included with your X1 Orgasmatron.

    Red Rosa has graduated nubs for personalized external pleasure. $10 off with Pleasure System.

    Blue Grace is ideal for anal orgasms and perineum stimulation. $10 off with Pleasure System.

    Purple Polly turns any plug, sleeve or dildo you own into a sex machine. $10 off with Pleasure System.

    Hands-Free Harness is great for solo play. Only compatible with the purple Polly. $15 off with Pleasure System.

  • Dimensions

    • Ball diameter 80mm
    • Jane dildo width tip 36mm
    • Jane dildo width base 44mm
    • Jane dildo length 100mm

    Guarantee & Warranty

    • 60-day money-back guarantee
    • 1-year replacement warranty

    International Use

    You will need power plug adaptor that simply adapts the outlet plug shape for use in the EU. There is no need to adapt the voltage.

    If you live in Australia and New Zealand get your X1 at Gyotrelem.


    Gyrator is not recommended if you have an IUD, heart conditions, seizures or are pregnant.