Easy Erotic Engineering.

The HackOff lets you easily hack your vibrator and do pleasure yourself. Become a DIY programming sex genius in under 10 minutes. No engineering or electronics experience required. 

Porn star to programmer in 10 minutes. 

Follow our step-by-step instructions to hack and program any vibrator including your X1 Orgasmatron. (Does not work with Magic Wand.) Write a custom program for your lover. Hack multiple vibrators and create your own sex toy symphony. (Arduino, bullet vibe, and battery pack not included.)

  • Hacks most vibrators 
  • Programmable vibration patterns
  • Programmable speed & intensity
  • No electronics experience necessary

Already have engineering experience? The HackOff speeds up the process. It's the excuse you’ve been looking for to get involved with DIY electronics.

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